It is the club’s intention to be a friendly, safe, reputable and fun place for members and visitors to enjoy airgun shooting sports.

It is also the club’s intention to be an exemplary example of responsible airgun shooting in the UK and become, in time, the leading airgun club in the UK.

To achieve these aims it is essential to have club rules and that members adhere to them at all times when on the club’s premises and when representing the club at national or international events.

Rules Overview

·        Membership

·        Adherence to UK law

·        Safety

·        Conduct of Members

·        Disciplinary Code

·        Insurance

·        Administration of the club’s affairs

These rules should be read in conjunction with the club’s constitution, which has precedence, and safety notices in force at the time in question


1.      Membership of the club is provided at the discretion of the Club’s elected Management Committee.

2.      Membership is open to anyone provided that they are legally permitted to possess, use or own an airgun and a declaration is signed to that effect.

3.      Members agree to accept and conform to the Club’s rules and Safety Code and pay such fees as are required.

4.      Memberships shall run for one calendar year from the date of joining, memberships must be paid in full on the date of joining.

5.      Members renewing their membership must re-start their new membership from the day after the previous membership lapses. The only exception to this rule will be members who can demonstrate they have not attended the club for a full calendar year prior to requesting a renewal

6.      Members must be within the age ranges specified by the Club and/or its Insurers (normally 12-75)

7.      Under 14’s may only join the Club at the discretion of the Committee and provided that they show they are capable of safely handling and using an airgun and have a regular attendance over a trial period not exceeding 3 months. When shooting, those under 14 must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian over the age of 21 at all times

8.      Under 12’s are required to hold and show their own shooting insurance

9.      Junior Members (14 -18) may join the club and provided that they show they are capable of safely handling and using an airgun may attend and shoot without the requirement to be under the supervision of a parent or guardian (at the committee’s discretion)

10. Over 75’s may only join the Club at the discretion of the Committee – and subject to approval of the club’s insurers


1.      Visitors are welcome at the club subject to the above membership rules

2.      Visitors must complete the appropriate registration process paying the required fee and wear a visitors card at all times.

3.      Members inviting guests to participate in club activities shall be held responsible for the conduct and behaviour of those guests and must ensure that they are made aware of, and conform to, the Club’s safety rules.

Exclusion of Members

1.      Any member breaking the Club’s rules or Safety Code risks expulsion. 

2.      All such contraventions will be dealt with via the club’s disciplinary procedure

3.      Any member convicted of a criminal offence involving airgun misuse, or gross misconduct will be automatically expelled. 

4.      In the case of a member being expelled, no refund of fees will be made 

Adherence to UK Law

The club undertakes to uphold and support all relevant UK Law, at the discretion of the committee members suspected of contravening UK Law may be asked to leave the club’s premises and may be reported to the appropriate authorities

1.   All airguns used on the Club’s ground / premises shall conform to the legal requirements in force at the time. (Currently a maximum of 12 foot pounds for rifles and 6 foot pounds for pistols - air or CO2). 

2.   The club’s safety policy and notices will be updated as required by changes in UK Law

3.   All members shall make themselves aware of the laws relating to the safe use and responsibilities of ownership of airguns and the penalties for their misuse.

4.   No air rifles that require a Firearms Certificate shall be used on the Club’s grounds / premises, either by members or their guests, except at the discretion of the committee and by prior arrangement with the parent club, LVSA, whereby our secretary will need a minimum of two weeks notice.

5.   Specific Rules Relating to FAC use

 a)     FAC guns can only be used on arena 3

b)     No metal targets to be shot at. You must not shoot at the clubs flip-flops nor knock over targets.

c)    The user shall produce a current part 1 Firearms Certificate and current insurance cover.

d)     Range fees for FAC use is Ł5 a day (there is no free first visit for fac use).

e)     Two weeks’ notice should be given in writing before attending the club’s premises with an FAC rifle. 

f)       Specific rules exist covering the use of SCGC air pistols and rifles (‘Brococks’) – see appendix 2


 Safety is Paramount and will always be the club’s primary concern

 General Range Rules

To be read in conjunction with current safety notices which may be changed at any time by the committee to reflect changes in UK law or other factors that affect the safe and continued operation of the club in line with the constitution (see appendices)

1.      “CEASE FIRE!" will be signalled one long blast on a whistle. 

2.      Shooters will immediately discharge their guns into the ground in front of them and leave the breech open. 

3.      No pistols will be pointed down range, nor rifles shouldered, nor targets ranged whilst a cease-fire call is in operation. 

4.      "RESUME FIRING" will be signalled by two short blasts on a whistle. 

5.      Shooters may re-load and resume shooting once they have checked, and are sure that it is safe to do so.

General Safety Rules

1.      Members and visitors may not climb up any of the banks without the express permission of a committee member and never when any shooting is occurring within the LVSA shooting grounds in total

2.     Guns must never be left loaded or unattended at any time  

3.      All guns must be cased except when at the firing point or firing line when competing, the only exception being the filling of PCPs from an air bottle either in the Storage cabin or car park

4.      No gun is to be discharged except at the firing point / line.

5.      No gun is to be cocked or loaded except at the firing point / line.

6.      Equipment (Guns, pellets, charging gear etc) to be locked in Members’ cars at all times it is not in use

7.      Only lead pellets (or alloys  primarily of lead or tin) shall be used on the club’s premises. The use of any other type of pellet requires the Committee’s sanction before use.

8.      No form of gun or weapon (projectile firing or otherwise) other than an airgun to be used on club premises at anytime (for example: catapult, crossbow, spear, spear gun, airsoft, or blank firing replicas).

9.      The use of firearms on the clubs premises is strictly forbidden and will result in the police being called. The only exception to this rule to be firearms used under the direction of the LVSA.

 Members’ Conduct

 1.      Members are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner at all times

 2.      Members undertake to uphold the club’s constitution, rules and safety rules at all times. Members suspecting contravention of any of the Club’s rules must make their suspicions known to a committee member or range officer as soon as reasonably possible

3.      No member shall touch another member or visitor’s gun(s), equipment or possessions without first obtaining the owner’s permission.  

4.      Nothing other than approved targets shall be shot at on the club site. No animals, birds or vermin shall be deliberately shot on the Club’s grounds by members or their guests.*  

5.      [Unless specific permission is given by the LVSA Committee] No member(s) shall use the Club’s grounds / premises at any time, other than normal club shoots, working party (ies) or practice sessions unless:-

(a)   A member of the club’s committee is present.

(b)   They have the Committee’s written permission.

6.      Mobile ‘phones, if carried, will be kept switched OFF when at the firing line. 

Disciplinary Procedure

It is the intention of the club that the majority of disciplinary issues are to be resolved via informal means.

However contraventions of the club rules or safety procedures by any member (and/or a junior or visitor for whom they are responsible) will result in the formal procedure will be implemented

1.      First Offence – Informal verbal warning from any committee member or club officer which may be delivered at any time without the need for witnesses to be present 

2.      Second Offence – Formal verbal warning to be delivered by 2 committee members (one of whom to act as the club’s witness). The member in question is welcome to have another member attend as member’s witness.

3.      Third Offence – Formal, final written warning signed by 3 members of the club committee to be sent via registered post to the member’s home address

4.      Fourth Offence – The member shall be excluded from the club with immediate effect via letter signed by 3 members of the club committee to be sent via registered post to the member’s home address.

Gross Misconduct

Offences of Gross Misconduct will result in instant exclusion from the club. Such offences will include:

1.      Dangerous gun handling.

2.      Serious and / or continued breaching of safety rules.

3.      Theft of property, goods or monies from a) the club, b) a club member, c) any other person on club premises or at an event connected with the club.

4.      Threatening or abusive behaviour

5.      Physical assault

This list is not exclusive and may be added to or otherwise amended at the Committee’s discretion at any time

Right of Appeal

Members will have right of appeal for any offence up to and including the third offence. Members wishing to appeal must attend the next committee meeting after notice of the offence and state their case to the committee. The committee’s majority vote will be decisive.

If the committee uphold the decision no extra action against the member will be taken

If the committee do not uphold the decision he offence will be rescinded and the member will revert to their previous position within the Disciplinary Procedure

  Offences taken to mean repeat occurrences of the same offence or occurrences of different offences in contravention of the club’s rules and safety notices


1.      All members of the Club shall have cover for shooting while on the club’s premises (but not elsewhere) via the Club’s Insurance.

2.      Insurance cover provided by the club is limited to airguns conforming to UK airgun law (i.e. sub 12 ft/lb). No cover is provided in respect of FAC guns (with the exception of ‘Brococks’)

3.      Members  are advised to cover their guns and equipment via their own Household Contents insurance policy.

4.      Neither the LVSA, Nor the LVAGC committee accept any responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, a member’s equipment or possessions, no matter how caused.

5.      To uphold the good name of the club and UK shooting sports in general and airgun shooting in particular members are encouraged to take out their own shooting insurance to provide cover when away from the club’s premises 


1.      Upon receipt of fees due to the Club, members will be issued with a Membership card, a copy of the clubs handbook, or a copy of the Club’s Safety Code, Rules and Constitution.  

2.      Only fully paid-up members of the Club shall be eligible to attend the Club’s Annual General Meeting and vote, and may stand for election to the management committee after two years membership of the club.

3.      The Club Committee will be elected and operate in adherence with the club constitution and specific procedural documents


Where reference is made to air pistols or rifles these rules also apply to CO2 powered guns.


Appendix 1

In Force from 1st April 2004 until superseded


All shooters MUST sign in on arrival. You will be asked to state that you gun conforms to the current UK Law and is not capable producing MORE than 12ftlbs. All guns are subject to a random chronograph test. Any person failing this test will be asked to leave the ground. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!


1.      ALWAYS carry your gun muzzle down

2.      NEVER point a gun at anyone

3.      ALWAYS treat the gun as loaded


1.      All guns must be loaded while pointing down range only.

2.      Break-barrel guns - hold the barrel end during loading, to avoid injury in the event of accidental discharge

3.      Under-lever guns - hold the lever during loading, to avoid injury in the event of accidental discharge

4.      WHEN A CEASE-FIRE IS CALLED – ALL GUNS MUST BE DISCHARGED SAFELY INTO THE GROUND before any marshal goes out in front of the guns

5.      During a cease-fire, you must NOT sight your gun down-range.

6.      WHEN CHANGING TO OR FROM PRONE, BE PARTICULARLY CAREFUL TO KEEP YOUR GUN POINTING DOWNRANGE. If you find this difficult, ask someone to hold it for you.

General behaviour

1.      Do not dry fire guns in car parks – guns must only be discharged over a firing line, either on the course or on the zero range.

2.      Do not aim or sight guns anywhere other than over a firing line, either on the course or on the zero range.

3.      All juniors under the age of 17 must be supervised at all times by their parent, guardian or care provider.

4.      All pistols must be kept in holsters or bags.

5.      We want you to be safe and to enjoy your shooting here

Breaking the Safety Code could get you banned from the Club!


Appendix 2

Effective 1st May 2004 until superseded


Due to the recent changes in TAC weapon status all TAC weapon users must comply with the following by law:

1.      All users must provide the club with proof that they have applied for FAC status. If you did not receive a receipt when submitting your application please contact your FLO to provide you with proof.

2.      All serial numbers must be logged with Bob Ruggles along the FAC number, if you are still waiting for your FAC to be granted the number on your receipt will suffice.

3.      All TAC weapons must remain under lock and key while not in direct use at the club. This means they must be stored either in a lockable case or locked in your vehicle.

4.      Once your FAC has been received you must bring it with you each time you attend the club and record it with Bob Ruggles if you wish to use your TAC weapon.

5.      Any person found in possession of a TAC weapon without the necessary documentation will be reported to the Police. Sorry but we have no choice.


Thank you for complying with these rules and happy shooting!